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We're thinking about arranging a dawn chorus in May

Watch this space.

Burns Supper: 21 January 2017
The legendary one, as always with the haggis on the receiving end of stern words from Bill Carr. Tich Frier immortalised the memory, the Portmoak Players played, as did Mike and son of Mike, there were poems, the lasses were praised to the heavens, as were were the laddies and this year's competion to produce a new bit Burns was won by something written and sung in Swedish. No idea what it was about.

Christmas tree day: 11 December 2016
Once again around 80 families came got their Christmas trees from the Moss. Although our events are free, many people made generous donations and all of that money will go back into developing our community woodlands and purtting on events.

Reprofiling project: September 2016
A major piece of work, funded by LLLP the Woodland Trust and Portmoak Community Woodland Group wascompleted on the Moss. Read more details here. Basically we have been so successful in raising the water table that now we had to safeguard against the danger of bog burst. To do that we reprofiled the steep peat banks at the edges of the Moss and put in some peat dams on the surface to limit run off through the old drainage channels. In addition, the main steps up to the peat crown were geting quite rickety so we replaced them too. This  could become a Best Practice for the restoration of raised peat bogs.

Portmoak Moss viewed from Kilmagad Wood, with Loch Leven and Benarty Hill in the background

Fine views, delightful walking and an ambitious project to restore a commercial plantation to a raised peat bog.

Located at Scotlandwell, near to Kinross and the M90, about midway between the Forth Road Bridge and Perth.